Sunday, May 21, 2017
Thin skinned, jackbooted thug. "The lawsuit says on January 15th, Dan Black was at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas, where he boarded a flight headed to Milwaukee. While boarding, Black saw a man that looked like Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, wearing Dallas Cowboys gear. Black asked the man if he was Sheriff Clarke, and Clarke responded that he was. Black then moved towards the rear of the plane and shook his head. Sheriff Clarke then asked Black if he had a problem. Black shook his head no, and took a seat in the rear of the plane. The suit says there was no interaction between Black and Clarke during the flight. When they landed in Milwaukee, the lawsuit says Clarke was in the waiting area by the gate, and he motioned to the six deputy sheriffs, who walked over to Black and stopped him. The lawsuit says two of the deputy sheriffs arrested Black, and he was escorted to an unoccupied waiting area, where he was "interrogated, and questioned about his political opinions for about 15 minutes" before he was escorted out of the airport."

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